Types of Pediatric Dental Crowns

Types of Pediatric Dental Crowns

Jul 01, 2020

Dental crowns are tooth-like sleeves worn over an existing tooth to strengthen it and offer protection from further damage. Crowns can be made from a wide variety of materials and therefore it is important you test out for any allergies before settling on any type of dental crown for your child.

When Would a Child Need Dental Crowns?

Contrary to what most people think, milk teeth are just as important as permanent teeth. therefore, when there is a threat of losing the baby teeth before time, it is necessary to take measures to prevent that from happening. Tooth decay has been established to be the leading cause of tooth loss in children. If a tooth is too damaged by cavities to the point it cannot support a filling, a pediatric dentist near you may recommend dental crowns. This not only helps save a decayed tooth, but it also helps prevent spreading of the decay and infection to other parts of the mouth.

Primary teeth are usually thinner compared to permanent teeth and without the crowns, the decay can spread fast and easily between teeth. Crowns also help reduce the risk of cavities, especially for kids that have had time keeping their teeth clean. Dental crown procedure for tooth restoration in kids plays an important role in oral health and development. The child will able to develop jawbone and muscles normally and their speech development remains unaffected.

Types of Pediatric Dental Crowns

Children pediatric dentistry mostly uses four main types of dental crowns which include;

Stainless Steel Crowns

For affordable and durable crowns, most pediatric dentists near you will recommend stainless steel crowns. They are made from a combination of iron, carbon, chromium, and other metals. While they have poor aesthetics and can potentially trigger allergies, they do not corrode and can last a long time. Most of the ties are used on the molars where they cannot be easily seen.

Composite Strip Crowns

They are the best fix for anterior teeth since they have great aesthetics. Strip crowns consist of a clear plastic-like shell that is filled with tooth-colored composite material and then fitted over the damaged tooth. This will rest over the tooth for a while and once the composite is hardened, the plastic strip is removed to leave behind a tooth-like shell that is the crown. The drawback to this type of crown is that they are susceptible to fractures and their placement procedure risks hemorrhage. Moisture control is also necessary to ensure no air holes are formed within the composite as it hardens.

Polycarbonate Crowns

These types of crowns are made from acrylic or polycarbonate resin shells. The crowns are prepared separately and then are cemented onto the tooth with self-adhesive resin. They have good aesthetics and fairly affordable. The only problem is that they are only good for temporary restorations and do not last long.

Veneered Steel Crowns

They are also known as resin veneer crowns or porcelain-fused-to-metal. They combine the use of both stainless steel and a tooth-colored material to make the crown. you get to benefit from the durability of the stainless steel which is on the back of the crown while enjoying the aesthetics of tooth-like resin which is used on the front of the crown. Resin veneer crowns are very durable. However, their biggest disadvantage is that they allow for limited trimming and sculpturing of the crown. they also have limited crimp ability which results in the removal of a great deal of the tooth structure. Because of their durability and great appearance, they can be used on both the anterior and posterior teeth.

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