Visiting A Pediatric Dentistry Could Positively Impact Your Child’s Oral Health: Here’s why

Visiting A Pediatric Dentistry Could Positively Impact Your Child’s Oral Health: Here’s why

Jan 01, 2021

Being a parent has to be one of the most delightful feelings you could ever experience. From the first moment you lay your eyes on your baby, you almost instantly know that you would do all you can to help them have a wonderful life.

However, this does not mean that parenthood is all rainbows and sunshine; on the contrary, it can get overwhelming now and then. From the long nights to the fussy meltdowns, the journey of parenthood is quite a ride.

Truth be told, as a parent, you always want what’s best for your child. This is the main reason why you will go out of your way to ensure that they have the best coverage in terms of their health.

However, most parents emphasize medical health and forget about their children’s dental health, which plays a significant role in their overall health, growth, and development.

Most parents have a pediatrician on call to cater to all the health-related issues that may come along the way but may fail to do the same regarding dental health issues. One of the first vital measures to secure your child’s dental health is ensuring that they regularly visit a pediatric dentist for all their dental health issues.

Why Visit A Pediatric Dentist?

You may be wondering why your little one cannot visit the same general dentist you do. Well, there is nothing wrong with this. However, a children’s dentist is more qualified and experienced in handling even the most complicated dental health issues in children.

Like most kids dentists, our kids’ dentist in 92014 is certified and trained to handle all oral health matters of children within all age groups, straight up from infancy to the teenage years.

Pediatric dentists have to undergo an additional two-year residency after completing their four years in dental school to get comprehensive training in handling the dental needs of infants, children, and teenagers, including those with special needs.

Therefore, they are better equipped than a general dentist to look after your child’s teeth and gums as they go through different growth and development stages.

Which Dental Services Are Available At Our Pediatric Dentistry?

Here are some of the dental services you can expect to get when you visit our dentistry for children:

  • Thorough pediatric oral health examinations, which are designed to assess for the risk of any future dental health complications
  • Preventive dental care services such as professional cleanings and application of dental sealants and fluoride treatments
  • Assessment and early treatment of any orthodontic or malocclusion issues such as overbites and poorly spaced teeth
  • Emergency dental care services such as dealing with avulsions and broken teeth
  • Nutritional tips for parents on how to boost their children’s oral health development through proper diet
  • Habit counseling sessions for children who have difficulty letting go of their pacifiers or sucking their thumbs. These habits tend to impact the proper development and alignment of teeth in children.
  • Identification and treatment of any cavities or tooth decay
  • Identification and treatment of periodontal diseases
  • Identification and treatment of oral health conditions linked to other health complications like diabetes, heart disease, or asthma

Benefits of Visiting A Pediatric Dentistry

Several benefits can be derived from opting to visit our pediatric dental offices. These perks make your child’s dental appointments a much more pleasant affair and help rule out the anxiety and phobias kids develop towards dental visits.

Here is why you should bring your child to our pediatric dental office:

  • A Child-Friendly Environment

Our pediatric dental offices are designed to make our little clients feel right at home, from the colorful walls to the customized furniture. We also play their favorite cartoons to keep them at ease as they wait to see the dentist.

This environment helps reduce the occurrence of anxiety meltdowns during dental procedures.

  • Expert Dental Care

Apart from having an experienced pediatric dentist, we also have an equally qualified team of professionals, including specialists trained to calm children down before and during dental procedures.

Our in-house dental team has years of experience handling children within all age groups, ensuring that your child will be in excellent and capable hands as they receive their dental treatments.

  • Customized Dental Equipment

The dental equipment is designed not to intimidate our little patients. It has been customized to be used on pediatric patients.

If you are looking for a kids’ dentist in 92014, then contact us today at Sunny Smiles Kids for all your child’s dental needs.