Why You Should Use a Pediatric Dentist for your Kids

Why You Should Use a Pediatric Dentist for your Kids

Jul 04, 2019

There are a lot of great general practitioners in the world of dentistry, but specialization delivers great quality services to different types of patients. Just as you would trust a cosmetic dentist with veneers and other appearance issues, you should trust a pediatric dentist with your children’s dental health. At Sunny Smiles Kids Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, we make sure that your kids are comfortable the entire time they’re in the chair. We can do this thanks to our highly trained staff along with Dr. Jackie’s expertise, specifically regarding children’s dental issues.

How are Kids’ Teeth Different?

For one, children’s teeth are not permanent. This means there are lots of different hygiene and eruption issues than what adults deal with. A popular misconception is that kids won’t suffer from bad dental hygiene because they’ll eventually lose their teeth. That’s not true. This hygiene affects the eruption of teeth. Using cutting edge technology, we can see how children’s teeth look long before they erupt. This allows us to clear any space needed so teeth can properly erupt instead of dealing with a problem as the tooth erupts. Because kids lose their teeth, we must be very aware of how their new teeth come into the mouth.

What is an example of a Pediatric Treatment?

One of the best examples of pediatric treatments is our BPA-free sealants. When adult teeth come in the mouth, they require thoughtful brushing. Kids are not always the best brushers, and that’s ok. Sealants are applied to the crown of the tooth and essentially catch all the particulates before they can get into the different crevices of the tooth and cause problems with the permanent teeth. Sealants, like much of pediatric dentistry, involve getting our little patients the care they need to have a lifetime of healthy teeth.


As stated earlier, there are a lot of great general dentists, but your kids don’t have adult teeth. It’s important to get them set up for a lifetime of dental health, and experts in pediatric dentistry do just that.